All the Right Kind of Crazy

So I have been meaning to write a note to my Sister-in-law, Bethany and her husband Dave for a while.  I figured I might share it with you all so you might be able to pray for them along with me.

Earlier this summer, during a routine ultrasound, Beth and Dave were given the news that there may have been a problem with their son.  They later had an amniocentesis test that confirmed the preliminary diagnosis.  Their baby was diagnosed with Trisomy 18.  This disorder has a high mortality rate for infants that have it.

My heart broke.

As I began to process all that this meant and as I watched my wife process this I was struck with a few thoughts.

The first thought was this.  Beth and Dave can handle this.  I am not sure if I could have said this a few years ago, but I have seen Christ working in both of their lives over the past few years.  If this was too much for them, they would not have been entrusted with this son.  Beth and Dave, take this as a high complement to your faith in Christ.  When Satan came to heaven, God pointed out Job because of his faith.  He was not a victim, but the recipient of the honor of suffering.  No one weeps for this little boy more than Christ and He has hand-picked you, Beth and Dave, to be this little boy’s mommy and daddy.

I also thought about the response of others.  My wife, who is also pregnant, discussed the situation with her OB/GYN.  While we love the bedside manner of our doctor, we could not have disagreed more with her  on this topic.  She, in so many words, called Beth and Dave crazy for not “terminating” the pregnancy.  “Why go through the tumult and trial of pregnancy for a child who will die soon after birth?” she asked.  And this is where the beauty of Christianity shines through.  Beth and Dave didn’t just abort this child because they are against it in principle, but because they are being faithful to the culture of love that we are called to as Christians.

Jesus reminds us that the way we treat the “least of these” is the way we would have treated Christ.  Who is less than this tiny boy, still growing in Bethany’s belly.  He is the least of these who we are called to love.

You see, Beth and Dave are crazy, just not in the way our doctor implied.  They are not crazy for keeping and loving the baby.  They are crazy in love with this little boy’s heavenly father who has given them the privilege to love him now and in the age that is to come.  It’s that crazy love that keeps Beth taking her vitamins and eating like a good pregnant woman should.  Crazy love for this boy.

Beth and Dave, I love you both and I am praying for you.  Stay all the right kind of crazy.


About futonreformer

I am a pastor in the PCA serving in Myrtle Beach, SC. I am a sixth generation Tampa native and I love the Rays and Bucs!

3 responses to “All the Right Kind of Crazy”

  1. Craig Hurst says :

    We will be praying for them. What a powerful testimony they will have through this. My wife just came through a complicated pregnancy and our son spent 5 days in the NICU. God is good all the time!

  2. Amy says :

    My beloved brother in law, thank you for putting so elegantly what we all think and feel. I pray we all have that crazy love Christ has called us to. Know that we are praying for you often and thinking of Ange and the precious little one she is carrying too! Love you!

  3. Sarah says :

    Thank you, Justin, for this kind note of encouragement! I was recommended by several people to read this…very well put! You are very encouraging!

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