Book Review: Silos, Politics, and Turf Wars by Patrick Lencioni

Patrick Lencioni has struck again This book is an awesome resource for many in church leadership. Though it is not a book published by a christian publishing house, it has an immense value to pastors and sessions.
Silos is a parable about a young consultant dealing with the problems of groups forming inside of companies that vie for the attention and finances of the organization as a whole. While each of these groups may be natural fits with one another, they end up hurting the larger purpose of the organization.

The consultant stumbles upon a company who doesn’t have these problems. Eventually he discovers that the company shed those petty fights a few years before when they were fighting for their lives. After considering forcing companies into crisis, the consultant decides that a unified goal will do the same thing.

Lencioni suggests a short term thematic goal and a few sub goals that will keep everyone focused. He says day to day responsibilities will always be there. These goals supersede those and are meant to move the company or organization forward in lock-step with one another in the same direction.

Churches are just as guilty as corporations and may be guilty when it comes to this idea of “siloing”. Our ministries are divided. Youth ministry fights childrens ministry for time and money. One Sunday school class finds itself to be “more spiritual” than others. The list goes on.

What Lencioni doesn’t mention that plays into the churches application of the ideas contained in Silos is covenentalism. Our covenant connection to everyone in our churches demands that we cannot divide up. Whether the division is based on age, race, or even spiritual maturity. We must work together to bring Christ Kingdom more and more to this earth.

This book is an excellent and fast read for any Pastor or elder who wants to combat siloing in his congregation.


This was also the first book I have purchased digitally and read completely on my iPad.  I was unsure of how I would feel about the experience since I don’t like reading long documents on my computer.  Boy was I wrong.  I absolutely loved reading it on the iPad.  I used Amazon’s Kindle App with the Sepia color scheme and it was fantastic.


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