Justin & Justin: First Apology XXXI-XL

Justin shows his knowledge of the Old Testament and New Testament extensively in chapters 31-40. The entire passage follows the logic and progression of Stephen’s speech before he is stoned in Jerusalem.

The progression is the same that most biblical theologians would use as well. It is a picture of redemption that starts in Genesis. Justin does an excellent job walking through the prophecies of the Old testament chronologically and systematically.

He mentions the prophecy of Judah’s Staff, the virgin birth, Bethlehem, and crucifixion.

In the end he uses Psalm 1 and Psalm 2 to sum up the way that a Christian should live in light of the coming of Christ.

What is most striking about this passage is how contemporary it seems. If you cleaned the language up a bit and told me it was written 20 years ago, I would completely believe you. It is that similar to the way many in the Reform church present the Gospel. And that is a very good thing.


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