Justin & Justin: First Apology LI-LX


Chapters 51-60 of Justin’s First Apology are packed with interesting things to point out. Let’s just look at three this week.

First, in chapters 54 and 55 Justin discusses a group called the “Sons of Jupiter”. It seems that this sect/group/religion took the Christian story and used it to prove their religious ideas. They took all of the Christian doctrines and reconfigured them to fit their agenda and promote their faith. The way Justin describes them makes me think of the New Atheist. In particular, the Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM). For those of you who have never heard of the FSM you can read all about him here: http://www.venganza.org/ (Warning, the site is run by atheist and is meant to poke fun at Christianity). So what should be our response to the Flying Spaghetti crowd? First and foremost, love. For far too long the church has fought fire with fire (ironic in this case, because now the New Atheist are doing the same). We need to begin to use love as a larger apologetic that simply being right. Second, let’s have a sense of humor and laugh at ourselves when we do dumb things (the British site shipoffools.com does a good job of this.

Second, Justin shows his disdain for the heretic known as Marcion. Marcion rejected the Old Testament as valid and also threw out much of the New Testament which he felt was too “Jewish”. I could go on about the connections between Marcion and AntiSemitism, Dispensationalism, and Christian Zionism, but that is another series of post altogether. Suffice it to say that Justin was on the side of the Reformed and historic Chistianity.

Last, Justin boldly accuses Plato of thought theft. He points out where Moses had written things nearly a thousand yeas before Plato, and yet many credit Plato with the ideas. Instead of accusing folks of stealing ideas, perhaps it is better to remember that all truth is God’s truth. While our sin has left us depraved, we can still see certain truths and they are God’s truth whether we acknowledge him or not. Disbelief doesn’t suspend gravity…


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