Kindle Review

A few months back, I got an iPad and did a short write up on its strengths and weaknesses. This past week I used my fantasy football winnings to buy my wife a Kindle.

Right out of the box, the difference is noticable. This thing is thin and light. It is less than half as thick as the iPad and weighs next to nothing. As you begin to use it though, you do notice another difference. The interface (no touch screen) is far less intuitive than the iPad.

So what is good about this device? For starters, its size makes it great to read from. It is small and light and is easily held in one hand. The screen is about the size of a page out of a trade paperback novel and is very easy on the eyes. In fact, as an e-reader, it is superior to the iPad.

On the other hand, the web browser is junk. In addition the interface makes anything but reading difficult.

So what’s the verdict? At nearly 1/4 the price of the lowest level of iPad, the device is a great e-reader if that is all you plan to do with it. If you have intentions of anything more than reading books, this device may be found wanting.

What about you? Do you have an e-reader? How does it stack up?


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I am a pastor in the PCA serving in Myrtle Beach, SC. I am a sixth generation Tampa native and I love the Rays and Bucs!

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