Monday Matines: A Prayer for those Caring for the Aging

Father in heaven, you have made us from the dust of the ground and we know that all of us will return to that dust one day. Some of us will die young and others will grow old. We know that you are sovereign over all of these things and have your glory in mind as you numbered our days.

Lord, You know our struggles and the difficulty that we all have with death. Death has not always been a natural thing. When you created mankind in the garden, death was far from it. And yet because of our sin we incurred the judgment of death. It will come to us all one day. As we care for our loved ones, help us to remember that in some ways, death is not what we were made for, it is un-natural. It is a consequence for our sins.

God, we also know that you have conquered death through your resurrection. We know that for those of us who are in Christ, this world will give way to the world that is to come. A world with no death, no tears, and no pain. Help us as we live with the tension of knowing that we have brought this death down on ourselves and that you have crushed the sting of the grave.

As we care for our love ones, help us to remember that death will come to us all. Help us to have compassion on our loved ones as they labor through their last days. God, give us the strength to hold out your Gospel even in the face of death. For our family who knows you, help us to encourage them to be faithful to the end. For those who don’t know you, we plead mercy on their behalf. Father we know that even the thief on the cross in the last moments of his life turned to you in his waning moments. Lord we beg that you would bring your light into the hearts of our loved ones.

Whatever the case may be, we ask that you would be our comforter as we become the caretakers of those who took care of us for so long. Amen.


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About futonreformer

I am a pastor in the PCA serving in Myrtle Beach, SC. I am a sixth generation Tampa native and I love the Rays and Bucs!

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