Presenting Keynote Presentations on iOS Devices

Last week, I wrote about the apps that I use on a regular basis on my iOS devices, my iPad and iPhone. This week I would like to tell you how I present using these same devices. When I tell people that I have ditched my laptop and gone to just an iPad, they often ask what I do about presentations. For around $50 you can turn your iPhone/iPad combo into a very solid presentation setup.

First, you need to purchase a few things. You’ll need a VGA adapter (or HDMI, depending on your projector/TV). Apple makes just such an adapter here and you can pick them up at Best Buy as well. Additionally, you will need Keynote for iOS and Keynote Remote. Using this cord and these apps you can not only create, but also affectively present multimedia shows.

I typically begin on my iPad where I create my presentation. The iPad’s screen is a bit bigger so it is a better choice for creating the Keynote. I also utilize the “4-finger swipe” function to jump between places I am to copy and paste.

I then use Apple’s built in iCloud functionality to sync the presentation to my phone. I plug my phone in to the TV or projector using the adapter. Then I open Keynote Presenter on my iPad. This setup has a couple of advantages. First, the processor on my iPhone 4S is far superior to my iPad 1. Second and more importantly, I often make notes to keep me on track on my presentations. Using the phone renders these notes way to small and unusable. The application is note optimized for iPad, but even as a “double size” iPhone app, it is much better than the lilliputian iPhone screen. [Incidentally, Apple I am sure I am not the only guy who uses this setup, where are you on this, Cupertino!] So here is a diagram of my setup.


The only real limitation I have found is in imbedding media. But imbedded multimedia is so 2008.


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I am a pastor in the PCA serving in Myrtle Beach, SC. I am a sixth generation Tampa native and I love the Rays and Bucs!

2 responses to “Presenting Keynote Presentations on iOS Devices”

  1. Bo Lancaster says :

    You should check out Prezi. We use it for most of our longer church or Sunday School presentations. It’s much more dynamic than Keynote or Powerpoint. they also have an iPad app that you can use to present your Prezis.

  2. futonreformer says :

    Bo, I’m very familiar with Prezi. Last I checked you could show the Prezis on your iPad screen, but you couldn’t push them out to a projector. On the whole though, I have gone away from more complex presentations like Prezi. I watched Apple’s release of OSX Lion and iPhone 4S and was astounded by how much the did with such little on the screen. Ever since then, I have modeled a lot off their style. That’s purely preference though!

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