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Archibald Alexander on Religious Experience

There is reason to believe, therefore, that all ignorance of revealed truth, or error respecting it, must be attended with a corresponding defect in the religious exercises of the person.

Archibald Alexander, Thoughts on Religious Experience, xix

Bavinck on the Sacraments

Herman Bavinck, with his usual clarity and precision, defines the sacraments this way:

In keeping with this Reformed theology described the sacraments as visible, holy signs and seals instituted by God so that he might make believers understand more clearly and reassure them of the promise and benefits of the covenant of grace, and believers on their part might confess and confirm their faith and love before God, angels, and humankind.

Reformed Dogmatics, Vol 4, p. 473

A great quote by Neuhaus

The tension between the theological and spiritual definition of the church and the sociological fact of the church is acutely embarrassing.

-Richard John Neuhaus

Witherington on Church Authority

Paul believes that there is only one Lord over the ekklesia – Jesus Christ. Apostoloi [and by extension pastors] are only called and chosen as servants under Christ authority.

– Ben Witherington III in Conflict and Community in Corinth (211)